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Small Business Credit

Cash flow is the life blood of every business. When you are at an early stage in your development cash flow can become a matter of life and death to the business. Most businesses that fail in their first three years fail due to a lack of operating capital. When you most need them business loans can be very difficult to get. Working capital from investors can take a long time to raise. Banks make it difficult to get a small business loan. Suppliers need to be paid. Employees need to be paid. Infrastructure needs to be maintained. What do you do?

Fortunately there is good news! We can help your business survive and thrive at this critical stage. Working together with our strategic partners we can position your company for unsecured business loans or an unsecured line of credit. The process takes only a few weeks and we can get you working capital of up to $200,000! An unsecured business line of credit can truly be a life-saver to your business. Best of all, you do not have to personally guarantee these business loans. For most companies a small business loan means reams of paperwork and using personal collateral. With our program, funds from your unsecured line of credit or unsecured business loan can be in your hands in as little as 20 days.

These small business loans come from U.S. banks. They are not based on your personal assets, just a good credit score. If nobody on your management team boasts a good credit score we can tailor programs to help you develop corporate credit so future loans and lines of credit are based on that score. And, we can help you seek out and add someone with excellent credit to your team so you can qualify now. Don’t wait. Thousands of businesses are using these programs to succeed. It’s a fantastic way to lengthen your company’s life so you can powerfully develop the business to the point where investment capital can be brought in.

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