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San Diego – June 11, 2010 – CHI Consulting Group News Items

CHI Consulting Group Supports Global Economic Rights Empowerment Initiative

CHI Consulting Group is excited to announce that it has formed a business relationship with Peace Tones, a division of the Internet Bar Organization ( Peace Tones has created a revolutionary legal and economic empowerment project that is now active in several countries including Brazil, Sierra Leone and Haiti. Peace Tones seeks out talented musicians, provides free local legal counsel, helps secure intellectual property rights in their music, publishes the music, distributes the music on sites such as iTunes and Amazon and sends 90% of all revenues directly back to the artists. The artists in turn use some of the funds to fund local community projects. CHI is supporting Peace Tones in raising funds for operations, updating the project business plans and providing strategic funding strategy services.

CHI Consulting Group Announces New Tailored Solutions for Small Business

Recognizing that few consulting companies have tailored solutions to match the needs and budgets of start-up companies and early stage businesses, CHI Consulting Group is announcing several tailored solutions for this vitally important business community. These innovative programs mix live coaching with limited document preparation and in-depth consulting related to formation, business modeling, funding and growth strategies. Learn more about our special consulting packages at

CHI Consulting Group Develops Collaborative Funding Model

CHI Consulting Group is working with several clients to create a new collaborative funding model wherein investors interested in supporting socially conscious business and non-profits can enjoy the benefits of both return on investment and tax benefits of supporting non-profits. Under this model, the socially conscious for-profit business partners on a project with the non-profit that will support both missions. Those who fund the project can receive stock in the for-profit or in a project company set-up to execute on the project, while also earmarking some of the funds to the non-profit to support its mission. We look forward to announcing our first collaborative funding project shortly!

CHI Consulting Group Supports New Global Relief Company

CHI Consulting Group is pleased to announce that is has formed a business relationship with Contech Composites ( manufacturer of world-class products for the disaster relief community. Contech manufactures a line of durable, semi-permanent shelters made from advanced composites that bring dignity, safety and livability to people affected by natural disasters, conflicts and other displacements. CHI Consulting Group is working with Contech to secure its first development community contracts, structure its growth and expansion plans and obtain early stage funding.

CHI Consulting Group Supports Green Building Company

CHI Consulting Group is pleased to support PEI Worldwide (OTCBB: PEIW) ( manufacturer of the revolutionary Thura Block™ concrete composite products. Thura Block™ is a recycled polystyrene and concrete composite with several times the insulation value of concrete. The product is LEEDS certified and has top ratings and certifications for fire, hurricane, tornado and flood protection. CHI Consulting Group is working with PEI to secure additional trade partners, funding and joint ventures for manufacturing plant expansion.

About CHI Consulting Group

CHI Consulting Group provides a variety of consulting and support services to individuals and organizations to help them conceptualize, fund and grow businesses focused on social and environmental solutions while expanding personal and financial freedom for all.

To learn how CHI Consulting Group can support you, please call 1 (877) 328-9179, Ext. 715.

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