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"IAE retained CHI Consulting to assist with our business plan and to explore working capital options. They have also provided mission critical consulting relating to development of our strategic alliances. We are very happy with the level of professionalism and service CHI Consulting has provided and look forward to continuing the relationship."

--Ravi Bhola, Chief Executive Officer

"PEI has worked with Ed Rholl for some time, focused on our business plan and business model development. Ed has provided excellent consulting, helping us to reformulate our business model and prepare for major joint ventures. I'm very satisfied with the service and support Ed and CHI Consulting have provided to PEI and intend to work with them in the future to assist us in executing on our global business plan to bring environmentally sound and affordable products to the marketplace.”

--Gifford Ludwigsen, Chief Executive Officer

"TraXem retained CHI Consulting to help write our business and financial plans and to assist us in submitting our company to angel investor networks. We've been very pleased with the level of service and excellence in consulting provided by CHI Consulting, especially with regard to understanding the nuances of the angel funding process."

--Matthew Mowery, Chief Executive Officer

"Zen's Purple Garden retained CHI Consulting to provide business coaching related to developing our company business plan and financial analysis. I've been pleased with the professionalism and service provided by Ed Rholl in his work with our Company, particularly regarding our work together on our financial analysis as we work toward growing the business toward a national presence."

--Zen Honeycutt, Founder

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