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Conscious Capitalism®

Welcome to the Movement

Something is happening all over the planet. From micro-loan programs in Bangladesh to entrepreneurial activity in war-torn places like Afghanistan, from community-based projects in towns and cities across the globe to high-level changes in corporate policy among the world’s largest businesses, a movement is afoot. At the heart of this movement—at all levels—is both a deep desire for change and a heartfelt acknowledgement that “business as usual” simply isn’t serving humanity in a broad enough way. From the campus to the boardroom, from the halls of Congress to the offices of fledgling new businesses, a different purpose for business is emerging. Behind it all is the shared recognition that we must work together to solve the challenges that resist solutions and that when we do, humanity will enter a new era.

At the heart of the Conscious Capitalism® movement is the idea that we all can make a difference. Whether we’re called to start a new company or run a Fortune 500 business, the choices we make will determine the difference we make—for better or for worse. Watch the video below to see how the movement is taking shape. Get inspired and ready to take action! That’s why you found yourself on this web page, right?

If the mission and promise of Conscious Capitalism® inspires you, maybe you’re already part of the movement. Read on to learn more.

You may be a Conscious Capitalist if. . .

Are you intrigued by the Conscious Capital movement and what it means to be a socially conscious entrepreneur? If so, you may be surprised that you’re already part of the movement. It’s all about what you value. See if you find yourself and your values expressed below:

A Conscious Capitalist or Socially Conscious Entrepreneur:

  • Believes business can best solve many of the problems currently facing humanity, from inefficient use of energy to environmental degradation to chronic disparity of resources, freedom and opportunity between people
  • Believes that profit and contribution aren’t mutually exclusive: a business can (and should) exist to serve both the needs of its core stakeholders such as investors and customers and the communities—local, regional and global—it exists within
  • Has a deep resolve and passion for taking on a particular local, regional or global challenge and making a direct impact within a profit-based model
  • Seeks a collaborative environment when possible—even with traditional competitors—to harness resources, create exponential growth and focus energy to make a larger impact on important social issues or causes
  • Engages with communities to forge innovative solutions to chronic challenges in ways that generate new economic opportunities for local, regional or even global populations
  • Understands that profit is still important to create sustainable business operations in a world economy driven by the flow of money
  • Generally believes that the social mission is equal to or even greater than the profit strategy, but honors both as important components to business

If you see yourself or your values reflected in one or more of the statements above, you are likely already a member of the movement. To empower yourself within this broad and growing movement, it’s time to get involved in a deeper way!

How to get more involved

Movements need committed leaders, creative geniuses, mad scientists and a whole range of people to dig in, learn, share and inspire others. At Compassion Happens and the CHI Consulting Group we provide you with many ways to participate—find a way that best meets your goals, your visions and your deepest self-expression, including:

We’re eager to meet and interact with you. Together, we have the power to re-shape business, the environment, the basic human rights we all treasure, and the world itself!

Take the Leap to Freedom Now!

If you’re inspired by the Conscious Capitalism® movement and eager to play a direct role in changing the entire paradigm of business consider, enrolling in our six-month coaching program “The Leap to Freedom.” Here, you’ll learn and grow side-by-side within a community of like-minded entrepreneurs determined to re-shape the face of business in a way that serves humanity and the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders. This program takes you from formation to funding, complete with forms, templates and special guest speakers. This is hands-on training for the serious entrepreneur with a limited budget and big dreams! Check it out today. The course begins soon and seats are limited!

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