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Business Planning

Most companies create a business plan at some point. Often they rely on a sample business plan or some kind of business plan template. However, plans have distinctly different uses and purposes depending on where a company is in its development cycle. So relying on templates and samples can be a major mistake. Sometimes, companies confuse an operations plan with a business plan suitable for getting funding. Other times, companies fail to create a financial projections and use of funds section that matches what a particular type of investor wants to see. In either case, the plan has little value as a funding assistance tool. This is where CHI Consulting Group comes in.

We help you develop a business plan designed specifically to get you the funding you need. We understand that business plan templates and sample business plans are of limited value. So we begin plan development by talking with your team to get a deep understanding of your vision and the organizational, leadership, business model and financial plans you have. We then assess your business to determine what type of funding you are most qualified to receive. Based on this, we create a business plan specifically designed for your company and its current needs. This plan is reviewed with you in detail to coordinate our suggestions on all pertinent sections with your goals, strengths and weaknesses. Based on our final concurrence, we write a definitive plan designed for a particular funding source or sources.

Save your time and money by steering clear of one-size-fits-all business plan templates. Our consultants are here to help you create a memorable, enticing “angelicious” plan that is sure to align clearly with your vision and simultaneously increase your chances for funding.

To learn more, contact us today at 760-535-3428 or schedule a 30 minutes discover call 

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