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Bundled Services

Bundled Services
Call C.H.I. Consulting Group at 800-401-9171760-535-3428 to register for any of the bundles below.

Accelerate Package - FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY

Offering maximum support at minimum expense

Designed for: Newly formed companies or entrepreneurs with big dreams and a small budget.

Bundle includes:

An exclusive 90 Minute Webinar designed to help you rapidly develop an investor bundle (Business Plan, Executive Summary, One-Pager) that will get the attention of investors and trade partners. Improve your ability to attract capital with specific action steps.

Professional review of your business plan, executive summary and one-pager by one of our expert consultants. Our team has raised millions of dollars for early stage companies by understanding exactly what the initial document set needs to communicate to investors.

A second exclusive 90 Minute Webinar designed to help you create a funding strategy for your business. Structure your company right from the beginning, plan in detail for expected funding needs, compensate early investors generously but wisely and you'll preserve more equity for later stages of funding. Specific action steps are provided to maximize your learning and help you succeed over the long-term.

A Funding Strategy Template to help you create your own company funding strategy and get you ready for making your first submissions to investors. This template will help you identify both short-term and long-term funding needs and the events (inflection points) that trigger them.

A chance to participate in our initial 6-month Mastermind coaching program for FREE. This program features: six 90 minute webinars on specific topics related to forming, growing and funding companies, six 90 minute Q&A working sessions via teleconference with expert consultants, two 120 minute teleconferences with successful entrepreneurs and investors, forms, templates and assignments to get you on the road to business success and special guest speakers who will share their wisdom and experience as entrepreneurs and investors.

1.  Start-Up Bundle

Designed for: Individuals who want to start a business and early stage businesses that are seeking help getting their structure and systems in place.

Bundle includes:

Five 90 Minute Phone Conferences. Topics include: Formation Issues, Building a Team, Creating a Business Model, Creating an Investor Pitch & Presentation, Creating a Plan for Capital. We are committed to helping you navigate the "business as usual" environment of formation, structure, investment and business modeling, while building a business that makes a true social impact. Through these teleconferences, learn to deeply understand and implement core structures and systems in your new business in order to ground exciting new ideas into a real business.

Creation of Business Plan. Most people understand the value and importance of a business plan, but few know what investors and other key people such as bankers and joint venture partners want to see in the plan. In this process, you'll get clear about how what's written in the plan translates into those structures and systems that turn a great idea into a great business.

Creation of Executive Summary & One-Pager. Learn what investors look for in your Executive Summary and One-Pager that will win them over. Once these two key documents are properly structured, your company can grow and make the difference you want to make in the world.

2.  Go to Market Bundle

Designed for: Companies that have formed, but have not yet gone to market in a major way and are seeking consulting aimed at solidifying their form, structure and growth plans and capabilities.

If you've ever seen a tiny sapling you might have marveled at its thin little trunk and one or two gigantic leaves. One wonders how it even stands upright. A newly formed business that hasn't yet gone to market with a product is in much the same position. There is often a fledgling structure in place and some supportive systems, but little strength and durability to support the mission and passion of the team. If this sounds like your business, our Go to Market Package might be a good fit for you.

Bundle includes:

Full-Day On-Site Consulting Meeting. Our seasoned consultants provide a professional review of your: Product/Service, Stage/Status, Mission/Goals, Formation Materials, Initial Business Model and Go-to-Market Strategy. This initial day of consulting is designed specifically to help your young company build strength and endurance to get from where you are to where you want to be: a revenue and profit-generating company.
Five 90 Minute Phone Conferences. Topics include: Form & Structure, Team & Compensation, Business Model, Branding/Marketing/Sales and Financials & Fundamentals. You will leave our structured coaching conferences with helpful feedback and clear action steps to move your business up to the next level.

Investor-Ready One-Pager
Investor-Ready Executive Summary
Review/Edit of Business Plan
Investor-Ready PowerPoint
Live or Web-Based Investor Pitch Practice

3.  Expansion Bundle

Designed for: Companies that are formed and looking for expertise in honing their go-to-market strategy, business model and financial model to attract additional investment, joint ventures and distribution opportunities.

How do you expand a business from initial breakthrough into sales to an established, secure, growing enterprise? Many companies make the mistake of thinking that the initial breakthrough is the big challenge to overcome, when in reality the larger mountain looms as soon as you get to market. You may be funded and you may have initial sales, but how will you grow the company to the next stage?

We know that to create a new world of business that serves the greater good while it grows the bottom line requires companies that can survive and thrive for the long-haul. We're committed to helping our clients build businesses that will last and make a tremendous impact on the world for decades. That's why we put so much value into our Expansion Package, to provide deep service at the most vulnerable time for most companies--the time just before stability and long-term success.

Bundle includes:

One-Day In-House Consulting Meeting. This full day of on-site consulting includes professional reviews by our seasoned consultants of your Business Model, Management Team, Go-to-Market Plan, Contracts/Channel Partners/JV's and Funding Documents (PPM, Stock Purchase, Notes). The entire review is performed with an eye toward creating unity of purpose, elegance of execution and economy of operations.

Creation of In-Depth Funding Strategy. The development of this strategy will include Sources & Staging, Deal Points and Inflection Points. Our goal is to help you immediately see what it will take financially to get from where you are to an established market player.

Five 90 minutes Conference Calls. Topics include Refining of Your: Business Model, Go-to-Market Plan, Financial Model, Channel Partner Model and Branding/Marketing/Sales Models. After these several hours of detailed coaching, you will have the tools you need to effectively strengthen your business structures.

Review/Edit of Company Document Set. This includes a review/edit of your One-Pager, Executive Summary, Business Plan and Investor Documents.

One-Day Management Team Consulting. Our expert management coaches will consult with your team on the topics of: Establishing a Winning Corporate Culture, Establishing a Winning Management Style and Positioning the Team for Investors. This full day of in-depth management team training will get your team on the same page and accelerate them toward the next level of success.  

4.  Funding Bundle

Designed for: Companies that have launched and are specifically seeking funding from friends, family, Angels, Investment Groups and Venture Capital firms.

Sometimes everything is in place--great product, great team, great plan, great passion--and all that's missing is the funding to get it all launched. One mistake many young companies make is simply the failure to understand where money comes from at what stage and how to attract it. The fact is that most companies have to be seeded from within and through personal and professional networks, then from bank loans and lines of credit and then from the professional investment community (angels and venture capital firms). When you follow the natural progression of funding you'll find that you can attract the capital you need, when you need it and without giving up too much stock too early. When you don't follow the natural progression a host of problems ensue. Our funding package is a comprehensive training and document set product that will get you on the right path and help you stay there through each successive funding stage.

We believe strongly that the most important step in establishing a new business culture where companies that do good can also do well financially is the transfer of capital to individual companies that are pioneers in the Conscious Capitalism® movement. We know that has to happen company by company as entrepreneurs and investors find common ground between the new vision for business and the old way of thinking about investing. That's why we're so committed to educating entrepreneurs about the funding process--the way it works now--and in helping them communicate a new set of values in a compelling way that can attract and enroll investors. With a thoroughly professional document set and deep training on communicating effectively to investors, your company will have the best possible chance to get the funding you need to grow and thrive.

Bundle includes:

One-Day On-Site Consulting. Our funding experts spend a full day on-site at your business to help you develop the right funding plan for your company.

10 Hours Strategic Phone Conferencing. These ten hours of strategic coaching are aimed at preparing you for making successful investor presentations--including a deep understanding of what different types of investors expect from you.

Creation of Investor-Ready One-Pager
Creation of Investor-Ready Executive Summary
Creation of Private Placement Memorandum
Creation of Investor-Ready Power Point
Creation of Funding Strategy
Submission to Angel Investor Group.

Our experienced consultants have raised millions of dollars for their own and client companies. We know the road you'll be taking, and we can help you avoid the pitfalls and guide you in making a streamlined submission to an Angel Investor Group.

Call C.H.I. Consulting Group at 800-401-9171760-535-3428  to register for any of the above bundles.

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